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From Phoenix to Scottsdale, AZ

Phoenix to Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is in central Arizona in the heart of the lush Sonoran Desert. The 2015 population of the city was estimated to be 236,839 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Being in the heart of a dessert, it enjoys an average of 330 days of sun per year and the median temperature is about 72.6 degrees year-round. The city offers healthy outdoor pursuits for everyone. There are over 58 miles of public bike paths and 40 miles of shared hiking, riding and horse trails. These are in addition to the fabulous walking trails and sidewalks that are part of the design of every planned community.

It’s difficult to describe Scottsdale in just a few words as it has a uniqueness and draws all types of personalities for all types of reasons. In addition, to be a vacation spot, the robustness of the economy and the beauty of the city draws new residents daily. Young and old are moving here – some to work and others to retire or enjoy a second home. The original downtown area, known as “Old Town” has kept the character of the small storefronts, narrow streets, and has embraced the Art community. Enjoy the Art Walk on Thursday evenings when the galleries stay open later for your enjoyment.

Move Your Vehicle to or from Scottsdale

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