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This is Why the Government Shutdown Affects Trucking

This is Why the Government Shutdown Affects Trucking
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The government shutdown has influenced the trucking industry. It’s okay now, but the trucking industry’s luck might run out.

Since the shutdown started on December 22, 2018, it’s already the longest government shutdown in the nation’s history. While the shutdown suspended some services, others solely perform slower and less efficiently. Federal employees are also facing the repercussions of the shutdown. With over 800,000 Federal employees there are 420,000 still working without pay.

For trucking companies there’s good news and bad news.

Firstly, cargo is moving. Thus, the market is still flowing. Freight is available for consumers and there’s no evidence that the amount is being limited. Luckily, the military is successfully transporting cargo. Due to the stalled operations not including military operations, the miltary has a fully susidized budget.

Good News:

Ports are operational, although they’re not unloaded quickly. Ships’ deliveries to US ports are being received. But, if this slow unloading process continues, because of the lack of customs and inspection agents, this could cause some problems in the future.

Weight stations will not alter. The individual state’s Department of Transportation operates these, therefore, the shutdown doesn’t impact the stations and put truckers in harm’s way.

Interestingly, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is not influenced by the shut-down. The administration rules on multi-year, collective, funding. The U.S Department of Transportation confirmed this.

Bad News:

Sadly, there will be no “Hours of Service” rule changes. Many truckers were looking forward to the HOS change that the FMCSA was hinting at in December. Although the FMCSA is still running, the federal government has a say in final jurisdiction.

Also, tax refunds won’t come early. Unfortunately, there might be a delay.

Finally, since the government still isnt paying federal employess, the economy might take a hit. When individuals, families and communities are tight on cash, the economy suffers.  Therefore, so does the trucking industry.

Have you faced any issues with the government shutdown? How is it affecting your personal life?

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