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First Thoughts on The Tesla Cybertruck

First Thoughts on The Tesla Cybertruck
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Tesla has unveiled its most recent project – The Cybertruck. There have been mixed reviews since its release, but we here at Pheonix Auto Transport think it the coolest thing on the planet.

The Cybertruck at First Glance

Depending on the model you purchase, the battery-powered engine can run between 250-500 miles before needing to recharge. It has a bulletproof exterior that can withstand 9mm rounds and comes loaded with Teslas onboard autonomous driving system. The truck bed runs a standard 6.2 feet which is approximately the same size as most standard truck beds right now.

Can the Cybertruck… “Truck”?

While the first impression is “wow this is cool” my remaining impressions have come up short. While it is being compared to the Ford F-150 in terms of towing capacity, the F-150’s appeal isn’t specifically for towing. Most F-150 owners use it for hauling/commuting. It’s good that we have an all-electric vehicle that can out tow a pickup truck. There is a silver lining, though. It’s a good example as to how far the electric car industry has come.

Form over Function

The design is weird…but everyone knows that. It looks like something out of a Nintendo 64 video game. The design was meant to incorporate new and effective energy conserving measures, but that is where the bulk of Tesla’s focus is. Its function is less “truck” and more “energy vehicle”. The sail panels make it hard for loading/unloading and because they are an integral part of the vehicle, this will not change. There is no back window, and all rear-viewing capabilities come from a back-up cam.

Truck Bed

The truck bed is a nice size. 6.2 feet puts it at a pretty standard range. Unfortunately, once more, that’s about it. In most truck beds there are ridges to help put your fingers underneath anything heavy. On the Cybertruck, it’s all flat. Imagine picking up a piece of paper on a flat surface. That is what it will be like to lift anything out. Again, many F-150 drivers who might make the switch would find their current truck to be more practical and effective.

The “Cool Factor”

The design has received mixed reviews as well. But in my honest opinion, this thing looks AWESOME. It makes me want a post-apocalyptic zombie uprising to come true. The bulletproof glass comes in super handy when dealing with radioactive biker mutants and being able to seat 6 people comfortably means the whole family can escape in style when their makeshift society crumbles.

Total Score 4.5/10

The Tesla Cybertruck is cool. Its environmentally friendly and acts as a herald for what electric vehicles can do. Unfortunately, that’s where it stops. It doesn’t have the key features to make it a booming transitional vehicle for the industry it was designed for, and while it comes in at $49,000, you can spend less money to get more practicality. On the plus side though, it makes me want to relive my childhood of driving around in the “Warthog” from Halo.

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