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Transporting Your Vehicle Safe And Clean

Transporting Your Vehicle Safe And Clean
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Transporting your vehicle can be a headache. On top of that, growing concerns about traveling across the country are larger than ever. For many, being able to stay inside while in self-isolation is critical. For others, they cannot afford to stay inside. Many people are currently in-between homes. New homeowners are still trying to make their way across state lines to be safe and sound. That is why we are here to help! We still work to provide you with fast vehicle shipping at an affordable rate.

In order to ship your vehicle safely and securely, we ask that you follow a few sanitation steps.

In order to make sure your car is delivered fast and securely, a great safety tip is to do a full cleaning of the interior and exterior. The interior of most vehicles is relatively small. This means many particulates are free to roam within a confined area. For a good and thorough cleaning, it’s best to wipe down and disinfect the surroundings.

Cleaning The Interior

The first step is washing your interior windows. If you notice any dust or grime on them, then that means it is also throughout the inside of your car. Once the interior windows are cleaned, the next best step is to wipe down the dashboard and center console. From the steering wheel to the door control panel, everything gets touched. Make sure that when you are cleaning that you are hitting every spot inside that car that is heavily touched. The radio, door handles, shifter and steering wheel can all use a good cleaning. Once you are done wiping them down with basic interior wipes, then move to using alcohol wipes in order to sterilize!

Vacuuming Interior

With all that dust and dirt that you gathered off of your windows, there is a good chance that it is clinging to the fabric and interior of your vehicle. A good vacuuming will help to alleviate any of the congesting dust particulates that may be present in the seats and flooring. Once that is cleaned out, then its time to move to the exterior of your car!

Exterior Cleaning For Transporting

Not many think that cleaning the exterior is necessary, but you’d be surprised! Cleaning the exterior prior to shipping will help you identify any scratches, dings or dents that could be present, but hiding behind some dirt. We want to be able to ship your car safely and securely, which means delivering it in the same condition that you left it in!

Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive at your new home with your car already in the driveway? Clean and clear and ready to go!

We are still providing top-notch vehicle transportation services despite the current conditions. Our transportation services continue to remain one of the best in the Phoenix area! Our agents are live and are waiting for your call. We are still providing coast-to-coast shipping services to all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii! Looking for faster shipping? Ask about our expedited shipping services! Looking to transport your car the safest way possible? Check out our enclosed shipping services as well! We look forward to transporting your vehicle!

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