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Truck Screening Tech Speeds Up Travel

Truck Screening Tech Speeds Up Travel
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New truck screening technology from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) helps keep traffic moving. The new installation allows trucks with proper weight, height, and documentation to pass through unhindered. Only trucks in need of further inspection now have to stop.

The ADOT implemented this new tech along interstates 10 and 40, and Route 95. It appears at commercial ports of entry. Drivers traveling from New Mexico or California are likely to encounter this new system. Hopefully, it makes their commute a little easier.

Truck Screening Sorts Vehicles

Stopping every vehicle for inspection certainly slows down traffic. It also adds time to drivers’ hauls. But this new tech aims to fix this system. Going forward, only trucks that need further inspection will have to stop.

The new system directs trucks to the right lane as they approach ports of entry. Then, a half-mile from the port, sensors weight the truck as it continues to drive through. Cameras capture the truck’s DOT numbers and license plates. Then it compares them to national and state databases. Once verified, it transmits all of this information to the officers at the port. Finally, signs appear to direct trucks that may be driving with expired documentation or too much cargo to pull into the port. There, officers can conduct further inspection.

At two ports of entry along the I-10, additional tech checks tires for potential damage. These tire sensors are still a work in progress, though. The ADOT intends to test them out and collect data on just how accurate they are.

What Comes Next?

The ADOT is hoping this will take stress off both drivers and officers. The tech is also collecting data about the size and weight of trucks entering the state. Hopefully, this data will help the Multimodal Planning Division make more informed decisions about the highway systems they intend to build. With technology growing so quickly, who knows what else we’ll see in the next few years?

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