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Arizona Alleged Election Fraud Conspiracy in GOP ‘Hearing’

Arizona Alleged Election Fraud Conspiracy in GOP ‘Hearing’
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Arizona State Legislators Get to the Bottom of Alleged Voter Fraud Conspiracy

 Arizona state legislators to get to the bottom of an alleged voter fraud conspiracy during a “hearing” Monday, November 30th, President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has urged. The same day that the state certified the election for Democratic President-elect Joe Biden.

Arizona State Legislators Questioned About Votes Cast for Biden

“There have been numerous situations of your workers, your citizens, who have seen the poll officials helping people vote to the point of telling them who to vote for,” Giuliani said. “Poll workers are changing votes. They are taking ambiguous votes and making sure they were cast for Biden.”

Presented as a cybersecurity expert during the meeting, Giuliani questioned retired Army Colonel Phil Waldron. Arizona state lawmakers and Representative Paul Gosar, Republican, Arizona also attended the meeting. Waldron also spoke at Giuliani’s meeting about election fraud concerns with Pennsylvania state lawmakers last week.

Potential Voter Fraud in Maricopa, Pima Counties

In the state’s two most populous counties, Waldron warned of potential voter fraud. Therefore, he said that Dominion’s voting machines are vulnerable to hackers. In addition, to on-site manipulation.

A Potential 1.9 Million Vote Fraud Potential

Waldron has stated that a Maricopa County official said the county did not validate signatures on some ballots. This has created a “1.9 million vote fraud potential.” That official has not produced an affidavit, he said. Waldron is also claiming that someone from Pima County said votes are “embedded” in various precincts to achieve a Biden win. Everyone wants “Biden” to win. Yeah, right!

“What I take from your testimony, Colonel, is that 35,000 votes were embedding to each Democratic candidate in Pima County. This is the allegation by the person who hasn’t given us an affidavit,” Giuliani said. “We don’t know if the gentleman is telling the truth or not.”

The courts and state and local election officials have not found evidence of widespread voter fraud. It is not enough to overturn the results of the election so far. Biden has so far is carrying the state by just over 10,000 votes. Therefore, be three-tenths of one percent of the vote. Eleven electoral votes were up for grabs in Arizona.

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