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Grand Canyon State House OKs Bill on Ignoring Mask Mandates

Grand Canyon State House OKs Bill on Ignoring Mask Mandates
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The Grand Canyon State House controlled by the Republicans approved a measure that would let businesses ignore government mask mandates. This was initiated to slow the spread of the Corona Virus regardless of emotional and ridiculous opposition from minority Democrats. They “say” it would “costs” lives. The Democrats seem to hold on to the idea of fear-mongering the public.

Grand Canyon State Republicans Offer Logic

Whereas, the Republicans were just as passionate saying (correctly!) government mask mandates and other government action against the pandemic has hurt businesses and that masks don’t (never did!) keep COVID-19 from spreading. Hello, herd immunity anyone!?

Kudos to John Fillmore who is Flat Out Honest

“You can’t control viruses with masks, and viruses just do what they do,” said GOP Rep. John Fillmore of Apache Junction.

A Tucson Democrat is Representative Randall Friese is a physician. He said the facts show that masks do help limit the spread of the virus. That’s his opinion and it is definitely not based on science! He said COVID-19 is a highly transmissible virus. Freise said people can spread viruses for days before they know they are infected.

Grand Canyon State Bill: Not Lifting Mask Mandates but Creating Exemptions

“This bill does create exemptions, not lift the mask mandates,” Friese said. “We are punching holes in the frontline defense that we know to work against respiratory viruses. That is when we create exemptions.”

This Bill is Basically Bunk, says a Democrat

“It is illogical this bill and anti-science,” Freise said. Again, that’s his opinion, however, ill-informed and mainstream media biased, it is slanted.

Freedom is all Over this Bill

Moreover, a Scottsdale Republican, Representative Joseph Chaplik, who is sponsoring the bill, HB 2770, said his proposal is about freedom.

“Moreover, this is a bill that the government needs to be in check. Individuals and the business owners are intelligent enough to make their own decisions on how to run their businesses, I believe,” Chaplik said. “In fact, we don’t need government overreach in this community.”

Democrats and Republicans at Each Other’s Throats

The House debated the bill for more than an hour, with Democrats and Republicans sparring about the pandemic response that has added to the political polarization across the nation. For Democrats, they said it was an issue of public health. That is such a baseless and tired argument. While Republicans kept persisting it’s about free choice. That is a good thing and it’s all about civil liberties when it comes down to it. With a 31-28 vote, the proposal passed. Next, it goes to the Senate floor for consideration.

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