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Ford Adds 2021 Edges and F-350/F-450 Trucks to Recall List

Ford Adds 2021 Edges and F-350/F-450 Trucks to Recall List
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Ford recently announced the recall of 200,000 Transit Connect vans to repair a transmission cable bushing. It could allow the vans to roll. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the agency that controls vehicle recalls, has announced a pair of recalls that affect Ford vehicles.

Ford Edge Crossovers, Super Duty Trucks

The 2021 Ford Edge Crossovers is the second of three recalls. For the F350/F-450 Super Duty trucks, it affects the trailer hitches.

Ford recalled the 2013-2021 Ford Transit Connect vans to repair transmission cable bushings on the first recall. Then the second major recall affected the six-speed automatic transmission. This has debuted in 2007 models. The same problem on 500,000 2013-2014 Fusion and Escape vehicles have occurred. Moreover, the carmaker had earlier recalled them. Then the carmaker had announced the major recall of Transit Connect Vans. That is to repair faulty transmission bushing.

Faulty Parts

In fact, the problem really involves faulty bushing. It will allow drivers to select the Park position on the transmission gearshift. The transmission will remain in Drive. Thus allow the vehicle to engage in unintended movement. Moreover, the six-speed transmission is mating to the 2.3-liter four.

Recall of Explorers

There is a recall of 660,000 Explorers to repair roof rails Ford recently announced. In fact, based on the second recall, the driver’s seatbelt assembly has failed. That is to work as intended. Thus in what is a small recall involving 82 2021 Ford Edge vehicles. The driver’s seatbelt retractor pre-tensioner assembly may not function correctly. That is in a crash. Therefore, these vehicles can fail to comply with the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 208, “Occupant Crash Protection.”

Ford Faulty Rear Wheel Flange Studs

In fact, the carmaker recalled Transit Connect vans to repair faulty rear wheel flange studs.

On June 14th, the owner notification will begin. These letters are sent to the owners of the affected vehicles. Then dealers will replace the driver’s seatbelt retractor pre-tensioner can be assembled free of charge.

Ford Super Duty Trucks

Ford has recalled nearly 1,800 2021 Ford Super Duty F-350/F-450 trucks in the third recall. It is equipping with left-hand-mounting trailer mounting brackets. NHTSA notes, it is possible, that a cracked mounting bracket could result in the fifth wheel that could detach from the vehicle while towing, increasing the risk of crashes.

Notification Letters

To the owners of 1,796 vehicles, dealers will mail out notification letters for the recall on June 21. Then, the dealers will inspect the mounting bracket. If necessary, it can be replaced free of charge.

Ford Customer Service

Owners can contact the carmaker Customer Service. It can be done with the other recalls. The phone number is 866-436-7332. Owners can contact the safety agencies at the Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-7332. The website is The recall number for the carmaker is 21S23. The NHTSA identifier is 21V379.

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