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Local Musician Extraordinaire And D.I.Y. Legend Dead At 68

Local Musician Extraordinaire And D.I.Y. Legend Dead At 68
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I’ve never heard of Eddy Detroit before today. He seems to be a cool safari tour guide on a musical rick-rolling mission. Eddy Detroit seems to me to be a real hardcore rocker in the Arizona scene. Too bad that he hadn’t quite completely seen it that way. A friend of the local, Michelle Katz, always said she and others were “never sure whether he was kidding or not.” True to his word, days after Eddy Detroit was worried about humping out of a window to end his life, Eddy Detroit jumped off a building to end his life.

Edward Michael Dunn was well-known in the local DIY scene.

Jazz bands were part of his earliest repetoire in the punk-rock scene. The Detroit percussionist has been able to take on indie-label recordings and bring Phoenix into the acoustic punk scene. In the midst of it, Eddy Detroit was the local philosopher and spirit guide. Not to mention a totally unassuming door-to-door salesman and marijuana dealer.

In recent times, Eddy Detroit was taking on battles against insomnia and depression alike. It is such a bother that Eddy Detroit had been taken to St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center because it’s then that those suicidal thoughts were disclosed.

Fat Grey Cat vocalist, Michael Pistrui, has made fear prominent regarding how soon Eddy Detroit could be forgotten. “I still can’t believe I got to play onstage with him.” He goes on to say, “Our band considered him a mentor. He’ll always be a music hero to me.”

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