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Holocaust, Genocide Education Bill is Signed by a Southwestern Governor

Holocaust, Genocide Education Bill is Signed by a Southwestern Governor
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The Holocaust and genocide education bill on Friday was signing by Governor Doug Ducey. In fact, there was a delayed process to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Doug Ducey was quoted as saying: I was honoring to sign HB 2241, which will, in fact, ensure the next generation of Arizonans learn about the horrors of the Holocaust and the over six million lives lost at the hands of evil — Doug Ducey (@dougducey)

Governor Ducey also said the state of Arizona will continue ongoing to stand and support the Jewish community. It will educate the youth on the atrocities of the Holocaust and other genocides. Moreover, tragedies like this must never happen again. In fact, this bill is really a critical step in the right direction. That is to fight antisemitism in our state. Yet our work is far from over. Moreover, we have seen a rise in crimes against individuals in several communities. Therefore, we must do more to prevent any additional harm and suffering. Yes, Antisemitism is real. In fact, I would like to thank Representative Alma Hernandez for her many years of work on this pertinent issue. In addition, to the survivors who played a crucial role in making this bill a reality.”

Holocaust, Genocide Bill

There has been a rise in antisemitism following current incidients in various cities in Arizona based on information from a press release from Governor Ducey’s office.

In a study done in 2019 according to Pew Research Center, less than half of those surveying correctly answer multiple-choice questions about the number of Jewish people killing during the Holocaust. Or in fact how Hilter did rise to power. Thus making it even more important to educate.

Big effort that was in three years in the making to create Arizona House 2241. It was performing by the Phoenix Holocaust Association (PHA). It would, in fact, have educators around the state and the Department of Education to make Holocaust and other genocide education namely a requirement for students. Students from Seventh and 12th grades would learn about the Holocaust and other genocides at least twice. It was through this, students can learn about genocides in Armenia, Rwanda, and Bosnia, and the genocide of Native Americas, in addition to the Holocaust. That is requiring of students. 

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