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Cannabis-Friendly Hotel Is a First and Open for Business

Cannabis-Friendly Hotel Is a First and Open for Business
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A Cannabis-friendly hotel is The Clarendon Hotel and Spa in a Southwestern state. Daron Brotherton, the VP of Operation at the hotel, said the hotel and its cannabis-friendly event company are elevating and educating the community about cannabis. The Arizona Department of Public Health says they have approved licenses for businesses to sell recreational marijuana.

Cannabis is in all Aspects of the Hotel

Located on the west side of the hotel property are the cannabis sleeping rooms. Their guests can partake in edibles, flowers, and vape. They can be purchased at a local dispensary. Moreover, pot flower usage is allowing in designated areas only. The hotel will offer a car service to drive guests to a dispensary to shop for weed. They can also rent pipes and bongs.

Keeping the Environment Clean

In fact, the only difference guests may, in fact, notice in the marijuana rooms is that each has a ‘scrubber.” It recirculates the air. The goal is to keep things fresh. A more powerful cleaner is placing between guests. That is for a deeper clean of the environment. Moreover, there is no cigarette smoking allowed in any of the hotel rooms.

On a website listing cannabis-friendly accommodations worldwide, the property is listing as “Bud and Breakfast.” Thus, that’s very clever and should appeal to the avid weed connoisseur.

Positive Health Experiences with the Plant

On the 19th season of “Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Drew Tingley, and Chef Derek Upton, dubbed “Arizona’s Cannabis Chef,” feel they are trying to educate the public about their positive experiences with the marijuana plant. In fact, both have shared their experiences about how weed has taken the place of prescription medication for depression and anxiety in addition to other health issues.

Call the hotel at (602) 252-7363 to book rooms at the Clarendon or visit

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