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Teacher Makes History During All-Civilian SpaceX Launch

Teacher Makes History During All-Civilian SpaceX Launch
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A teacher from a Southwest region will be part of the history books. This is due to Wednesday’s SpaceX launch. Dr. Sian Proctor has the honor and distinction of being the first Black woman to be the pilot of a spacecraft. Moreover, she was part of the four-person crew on SpaceX’s Inspiration4. It was first launched from the Kennedy Space Center in a Southern region just after 5 p.m. Sitting in the pilot in the pilot’s seat, Proctor got a fist bump from Chris Sembroski. He sat next to her shortly after takeoff. Therefore, it was the first time a rocket did black toward orbit with an all-amateur crew. In fact, there were no professional astronauts.

Teacher – Family Roots in NASA

Proctor is a geoscientist, artist, and science teacher. She has also been in space simulation experiments. Therefore, Proctor was one of the two people who, in fact, won a contest to be on the Dragon capsule. Thus, her poetry and art are what have helped her win the sweepstakes. She was born in Guam because her dad was working with a NASA contractor on the Apollo mission. Sembroski is the other contest winner.

Dreams of Going into Outer Space

“It is really incredible. In fact, I sort of has to pinch myself a little bit. It’s sort of like you know like feeling like it’s real, you know,” Dr. Proctor’s longtime friend. She is also an ASU colleague Meenakshi Wadha, said. “I know she has always dreamed of going to space someday. In fact, it’s actually coming true.”

A former astronaut, Senator Mark Kelly, has, in fact, spoke to Proctor as well. “It is really an exciting time for the state of Arizona to have another Arizonan in lower Earth orbit. I think it is a good thing for our state,” said Senator Kelly. “Moreover, to Dr. Proctor, I would say enjoy the trip. This is very exciting.”

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