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Cartels are Using Uber-Like System for Human Trafficking

Cartels are Using Uber-Like System for Human Trafficking
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Cartels that exit in Mexico are using an Uber-like system which is part of their human trafficking operations at the border. This information is according to Governor Doug Ducey.

On Thursday, Ducey said was among the things he did learn while holding a briefing the prior day. It was helding at the Border Patrol’s Southwestern sector headquarters.

Cartels and Social Media

“In fact, one real eye-opening thing which we have learned yesterday is that the cartels are using social media. To, in fact, to pick up folks that have been trafficking over the border,” he said.

The local section does cover 262 border miles. It has roughly 3,700 agents that work in nine stations, this is according to the governor’s office.

Border Agents

Moreover, Ducey has said that federal restrictions on border agents have, in fact, “basically handcuffed” them. This would make it easier for cartels to get away with illegal activity.

“Limiting where they [agents] can go. Thus, what they can do is. Moreover, it is basically a signal to cartels on how they could, in fact, get drugs, child sex trafficking, and human trafficking across the border,” Ducey said.

In fact, Ducey said he planning to work with the Arizona Legislature on ways to make the state “an unwelcoming place for illegal activity.” Although it “would be just so much more helpful if we had a partner in the federal government.”

A vocal critic, of the Biden administration’s border security policies, Ducey, has joined a group of Republican governors earlier this month. This would be in an effort to urge a new approach and thus to propose a 10-point plan to address the issue.

Moreover, the plan would include the continuation of Title 42. It is a public health policy using as a basis for expelling reauthorizing migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Moreover, they did change their policy on Title 42,” Ducey said Thursday. “That will be helpful, though there are about nine other things that they could, in fact, do to help to secure our border.”

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