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Porsche 911 GT3 Redos The 1985 Le Mans Model For Sonderwunsch

Porsche 911 GT3 Redos The 1985 Le Mans Model For Sonderwunsch
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In early 2021, the Porsche 911 decides to release the Sonderwunsch initiative in order to design one-off dream cars with a basis on older or newer Porsches. The division shows off a collaboration of Porsche Classic with Exclusive Manufacktur, who happens to handle the bespoke vehicles. Granted, customization can allow for unique materials or paint jobs to the table. In which case, Sonderwunsch arrives to a 911 GT3 design that now has modifications a-plenty. Actually by Paolo Barilla. He took the Porsche 956 in overall victory at Le Mans in 1985.

Likely, the current callback to Barilla’s 956 happens to be the Porsche 911 GT3.

It combos well for Summer Yellow paint complete with white and black stripes. While the original sponsors are removed off of the new creation, the number seven happens to stay wrapped on the doors and the hoods. The wheel appears similar to the 956 as it had when triumphing the competition at Circuit de la Sarthe. Consider the white wheels upfront while going back to basics with the aeroblades of the car itself. Gold wheels hand back at the rear while the black and yellow are remembered back inside.

When spotting the rear wing, it has redesigned end plates with influence from the chunky wing upon the 956. Engineers coming in hot from the 911 GT3 team had involvement early on and were able to test the wing in the wind tunnel in order to hold on to aerodynamic performance caliber. While inside, the gear lever happens to appear as a spherical aluminum unit that was intent on recalling the magnesium ball from the 956 gear shifter. In addition, there are custom sills with “956 Le Mans 1985” on the inside of the Barilla-owned race car. The bespoke style of the car may very well make it close to the GT3 price of about $162,450 as a base price, most likely for the Porsche 911.

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