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Porsche Has More Paint To Slather Across All Their Vehicles

You are currently viewing Porsche Has More Paint To Slather Across All Their Vehicles
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New vehicles in the Porsche lineup involve the Cayenne SUV and the Porsche vehicle as well. This involves a widening of the Paint to Sample availability. With beyond 160 other color options. Of course, when you look at the Exclusive Manufaktur, they also offer Paint to Sample Plus, allowing for customers to choose a wider range of individual bespoke color. Certainly, the Paint to Sample is available on virtually every model in the Porsche lineup while costing between $11,430 to $12,830.

Porsche is honestly expansive of optional extras, while allowing for even more customization possibilities. The company makes it known that they can build one-off dream cars from the Sonderwunsch program. Furthermore, the customers will have more choices when it comes to colors. Of course, Porsche is doing everything to expand to Paint to Sample with over 160 colors of all models including the Cayenne and the Taycan and the Macan as well.

Of course the Porsche is still in need of putting color thourgh feasibility testing that could entirely take up to 11 months. The price range would vary from $22,860 to about $25,660 for the 911 Turbo and Turbo S models. As well as the GT cars. In which instance, the color might not work. From there, the brand still chooses to cover the cost of testing.

The online configurator happens to be a crowd-pleaser for everyone to play with.

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