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Extreme Heat and its High Costs are Outlined in New Study

Extreme Heat and its High Costs are Outlined in New Study
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Extreme heat is really expensive. In fact, that is the conclusion of a study presented by The Nature Conservancy. They are commissioning a look at the costs of rising temperatures in Southwest state and city.

Extreme Heat and Effects on Large Metropolitan Area

There is an infrastructure consulting firm AECOM working with The Nature Conservancy, the nonprofit environmental organization is known for its nature preserves and efforts to protect biodiversity. In fact, this time it has turned its attention to the country’s hottest large metropolitan area.

“As the Phoenix, Arizona has continued to urbanize and its population does expand, the benefits of it adapting to extreme heat may only therefore increase. In fact, there will be consequences of inaction,” the report did say. “Moreover, to implement the ambitious solution scenarios and then realize the associated benefits. It would include public and then the private sector will, in fact, need to play an active role.”

Extreme Heat: Funding to Help Cool Down Neighborhoods

There is a climate scientist, David Hondula, who is formerly with Arizona State University is now heading Phoenix’s new heat response and mitigation office. Therefore, this report is going to be useful for cities like his in getting the funding for measures. It would help cool down the neighborhoods. In fact, he did serve on the study’s advisory committee.

Climate Change is the Culprit Supposedly

Always scorching is Phoenix, but the climate change has really made it even hotter. In early September, there are temperatures still climbing to 111 degrees. Moreover, the temperatures did reach an uptick as high as 118 degrees over the summer.

Poor and Racially Diverse Communities

The poor and racially diverse communities are the people most vulnerable to the heat where many households do lack the means to cope with heatwaves which are becoming more frequent, widespread, and most severe. In one county, it was recording 323 heat-related deaths in 2020.

Steadily Rising Temperatures

The costs that can be causing by the steadily rising temperatures is what The Nature Conservancy study is looking at related to rising temperatures to human health, labor productivity, electricity and roadways.

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