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Police use the Deadliest Force in the Valley of the Sun

Police use the Deadliest Force in the Valley of the Sun
In new collected data from the "Mapping Police Violence" organization, it's evident that police in Phoenix are the most deadly with force.
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“Mapping Police Violence.” Have you heard of them? Well, you’re about to wonder why you haven’t sooner because they just dropped a shock grenade on the unwitting people of Arizona. Evidently, the organization has compiled enough information to showcase an infographic.

A bar chart, if you will.

And in this bar chart, it shows that from some of the most populous cities in America, Phoenix is number one in deadly police encounters. It states that 75 people die this way per each one million.

Yep. Our town has some deadly police.

According to the data, Mapping Police Violence says that between 2013 and 2022, black people were three times more likely to die by the hand of a police officer than white people. In such a case, the rate for deadly encounters for black individuals had been 130 per one million versus a doubling of Hispanics at a rate of 68.

Out of 9,942 deadly force incidents account for 437 people hurt in the encounter with the police from Arizona. The police departments in this state account for 4% of people overall dying in an encounter with the police.

Mapping Police Violence finds it necessary to declare this information because “law enforcement agencies across the country are failing to provide us with even basic information about the lives they take.” Only 40% of the United States’ law enforcement agencies actually provide such data. Furthermore, 17% of Arizona agencies report data through the FBI. And sadly, the bureau’s data says only participating agencies cover about 47% of law enforcement officers.

According to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, there is about approximately 284 Officer-Involved Shootings since 2017.

The runner-ups to Phoenix happen to be San Antonio, Houston, Chicago, and Dallas.

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