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Ferrari Announces Production Of Their First SUV: The “Purosangue”

Ferrari Announces Production Of Their First SUV: The “Purosangue”
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Ferrari is trying to make SUVs now. This is in competition against other luxury-sports-car-brands (like Lamborghini or Aston Martin) who they themselves are appealing to some groups of SUV-fanatics. But for Ferrari, this is personal. “Purosangue” is Italian for “Thoroughbred.” This vehicle will go into production beyond this year with deliveries starting in 2023.

This is such an interesting idea since Enzo Ferrari had always hated the idea of a four-door Ferrari. The SUV was just waiting for Enzo to die though and as for the boss of the past, Sergio Marchionne, he died in 2018.

What’s incredible about this Ferrari Purosangue?

For starters, this SUV has a front-engine platform that will really impress the masses. It will allow for a rear transaxle as well as a hybrid powertrain. This all can add to an electrically driven front axle, similar to that of an SF90. Of course, Ferrari would like to show themselves off as the inventors of the fastest sports utility vehicle in all of existence.

So that’s possibly why they slapped on a V-12 engine right in the center of the vehicle. The top speed would certainly have to be pretty high if it’s to surpass 189 miles per hour from the Lambo Urus or 193 miles per hour from Aston Martin’s DBX 707.

And can we reinvigorate the point home that there will be a hybrid powertrain, with an optional twin-turbo V-8 for wussies? That seems especially important to note.

What’s more is that the Purosangue is likely to come equipped with rear-hinged rear doors. These openers to a whole new world, otherwise known as coach doors also will be accompanied by a B-pillarless greenhouse.

Whatever that means…

The Purosangue is supposed to revolutionize the way we see Sports Utility Vehicles. So it’ll be exciting to see what Ferrari has up their sleeves.

An SUV has all the qualities that anyone, going out into the forest or the city, would ever desire. Capacity, comfort and durability. If Ferrari can meet these demands with the Purosangue, than they might as well save Christmas, because they’re the last carmaker I would’ve expected to be able to create such an untouched market by exotic sports-car brands. What’s in it for them, possibly? More money, of course.

People were able to see the Purosangue testing near the Ferrari Factory

Excited onlookers were looking at the Ferrari testing site in Moderna, Italy. In which case, there was a test model of the Purosangue SUV driving around. The vehicle is likely to release later on as the months go by. We all agree, however, that the atmosphere is electric.

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