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Copper Mining Project Continues Despite Federal Agency’s Best Efforts

You are currently viewing Copper Mining Project Continues Despite Federal Agency’s Best Efforts
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In our amazing state of Arizona we have plenty to be grateful for. Our incredible sights, our wonderful people and out me fantastic food. But if anything is for certain, it may just be that preserving the nature is key to maintaining our special spark. Especially in the age of amplified technology, it’s hard not to realize that. Hudbay Minerals decidedly forgot this given by surrendering their Clean Water Act permit, according to a United States District Court.

And all they want to do is mine copper… Can you believe that? Ridiculous.

Hudbay is interested in specifically tapping into the Santa Rita Mountains—a beautiful landscape that deserves much better than this! Harrumph! 

Sad thing is, it can’t be helped. Even the United States Army Corps of Engineers are at a loss. What can be done if there’s no authority to regulate what the company can do to the streams on private property? It just seems all so futile.

Opponents are calling the decision on the company’s part something that is breaking all the rules in all of the weirdest ways.

Executive director of Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, a non-profit that’s fought against mining in the Santa Rita Mountains, Stu Williams, had this to say. “We’re disappointed in the ruling and we are evaluating the ruling carefully and considering all options,”

Even the tribes are getting their feet wet in the argument. Plants ended the projects and took apart their stations not allowing for any sort of discharge of pollutants. For the decision itself, United States District Judge James Soto made mention that in the previous rulings, there was no need for the termination of the copper mining project in order to have to surrender a Clean Water Act permit. Hudway essentially gave up the permit just so it can forget about Government-owned properties. It’s all very maddening because that doesn’t mean they should tap into private copper mines either. But they are!

By filling in theses streams with gravel, they’re polluting their surroundings… all for copper!

Hudbay’s lawyers had this to say: “In April 2022, the company commenced early site works at Copper World with initial grading and clearing activities continuing at site. The company also continues exploration and technical work at site with seven drill rigs conducting infill drilling and supporting future feasibility studies.”

If tribes and other organizations want, they can still sue the pants off of Hudbay Minerals. But because the company surrendered their right already, it’s already a moot point to try. Just another loophole chemical companies are using to outsmart this next generation’s Erin Brockovich.

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