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Lamborghini says “Arrivederci” to the Final Aventador Model

You are currently viewing Lamborghini says “Arrivederci” to the Final Aventador Model
The Aventador moves fast and furious!
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The Lamborghini Aventador is no more. Finally, the new LP780-4 Ultimae Edition roadster has finished in Azzuro Flake. It’s been delivered to a customer in Switzerland. Of course, it’s very surprising when really the original plan should be building about 350 Ultimae coupes and over 250 roadsters. This was a big shock when fifteen of the Lamborghini cars had been lost on the Felicity Ace cargo ship after it sunk way earlier this year. And now there is a bit of a change. The vehicle had rolled off the production line in July. Of course, Lamborghini makes every vehicle to the highest degree of quality.

Lamborghini has been able to finish the car in a color called Azzuro Flake, this Aventador had been a part of Lamborghini Ad Personam customization program that is supposedly an homage to the one-off Miura P400 roadster shown at the Brussels motor show in 1968. The Aventador has a white leather interior that matches the Miura with brand new silver wheels and black trim pieces. These vehicles have special Miura badges on the inside while also displaying them on the dashboard.

The Lambo has some final touches to make the goodbye much less bittersweet!

The Aventador Ultimae LP780-4 happens to be powered by 6.5-liter V12 engines with 769 horsepower involved. The All-Wheel Drive is standard, while the transmission is a seven-speed clutch unit. This comes with a naturally aspirated engine and a lack of hybrid assistance. This is totally likely to be the last of it’s kind. The Aventador is certainly going to be Lamborghini’s entry into the plug-in hybrid territory.

Ever since it’s creation in 2011, the Lamborghini Aventador had been the quintessential model in Lamborghini’s lineup. Additionally, it has been the ideal car to buy when you have enough money in your bank. The Aventador has been a classy entry in the Lamborghini cars. The Single Clutch Transmission is long-gone with these later models, so that’s a good thing to know as you’re making the important decision to buy the Aventador.

The Aventador was first a big deal after inheriting it’s crown from Murcielago. The introduction of the Aventador has signaled a departure for the Bizzarini-designed V-12 that was likely to power every V-12 Lambo. All this finding it’s roots since 1963, where Audi and Lamborghini teamed up to develop the legendary 6.5-liter V-12 engine that would fit right smack-dab in the middle of the Aventador.

Did we mention that the Aventador has long been the guinea pig for the Lamborghini’s brand of wings, splitters and diffusers in total understanding of downforce and performance. While also retaining the fighter-jet aesthetic despite the color special-edition model or configuration.

Every passing model year would rev up the Aventador with more and more improvements. The roadster variant came in 2012, the suspension was improved in 2015, and there was a hike to 507 lb-feet of torque in 2016 soon after. There were even different rear-wheel steering settings introduced in 2017. All that said, the fact that the Aventador SVJ had broke the Nürburgring record in 6 minutes and 44.97 seconds is only a testament to say that sometimes the good do die young.

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