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General Motors Stops The Full-Size Truck Plant At Once

You are currently viewing General Motors Stops The Full-Size Truck Plant At Once
GM is halting production at their USA truck plant.
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GM, or General Motors, has decided to schedule a whole work stoppage for two weeks. This is all because they want to do what they can to give their local dealerships the opportunity to catch up with their very own inventory.

But why are they preparing for a two-week shutdown anyway? Does it matter it’s in the heart of America? Yes it does. At least for the dealerships. The full-size truck plant only can create around 1300 Chevy Silverado-s on a daily basis. Whereas, the GMC Sierra can be duplicated about 1,500 times a day. So again? Why the shutdown? A spokesperson from General Motors, states that it’s beneficial “to maintain optimal inventory levels with our dealerships.”

But we suspect foul play.

In any case, Monday, March 27th is the date the shutdown will commence. As it’s all within the legal boundaries of the bargaining agreements of both the local and national Union of Auto Workers or UAW.

So far in the past month, General Motors states how production has gone up and over while the demand is not decreasing nor increasing. It maintains to be fairly consistent, in all truth and reality. This therefore leads one to believe there’s an increase more likely in the inventory. Such a stoppage, various sources confirm, keeps consistent with comments by General Motors CFO Paul Jacobson, who believe the company will need about 50 to 60 calendar days of inventory all the way through to 2023.

And how about the other full-size truck plants? How are they doing?


The two other plants, one in Canada and the other being in Mexico, will continue as planned with operations, all the while as the two-week stoppage continues in the USA. Our particular plant is always reviewing and shifting production schedules in order to leave the inventory in a healthy diet. Not too many cars, and not “not enough” either.

This is the type of respect auto workers deserve. Where they get to take a load off and actually enjoy the riches they probably make off of charitable family-run businesses that are always looking to insert them and their brand back into the public eye.

Such a shutdown, isn’t it? Certainly coincidental that it occurs now, for pickup production and automotive manufacturing overall. This is in stark contrast to all the production struggles of which automakers are facing in 2021. That’s when all the supply-chain issues and even a microchip shortage had stopped GM, Ford and other automakers to slow down their planning process for production. All of which could potentially throw off the supply and demand curve for the opposite side of the spectrum. Of course, in the pickup world, building the electric Ford F-150 Lightning-mobiles had to be slowed down to a halt in February, as there was a concerning battery issue to think about. If one vehicle presents a dilemma, all of them need to be looked at. These are serious things to consider if you ever think about purchasing an electric vehicle from Ford again.

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