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Arizona Farm Repurposes Cow Manure As Renewable Natural Gas

You are currently viewing Arizona Farm Repurposes Cow Manure As Renewable Natural Gas
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Would you believe me when I say “the greatest answers to life’s deepest questions often come from the last place you expect it to come from?” Well, you better believe it, as we are all the happiest to realize that we don’t have to work so hard when it comes to generating fuel for Arizona. Now, that comes across to you as the most simple rhetoric that you may have ever heard. But really, it’s more worth it to say that your beliefs shouldn’t ever be judgmental of others’. It makes no sense to believe that your way and only your way is the most dedicated that others follow when driving down the highway. Who’s to say that it’s like this that it makes sense for anyone to not take in the consideration of others when you’re being presented with a new way of working smarter and not harder? It’s the most necessary task to consider that from nothing can come something revolutionary. It’s no different than if you were to say that cows can produce manure, that in turn can be realized as a renewable natural gas.

This is the case for Butterfield Dairy Farm in Buckeye, Arizona.

It’s there that there lies around 25,000 dairy cows. Of course, this local Arizona property wasn’t always so teeming with life. Such the understanding on the part of the DeJong Family. The father and main owner, Thomas DeJong, is working in cahoots with Avolta, also known as the renewable energy company. According to DeJong, it’s likely that there’s enough power that can power up 6,000 homes with the discernable energy. As he explains it, the cow manure from their farm is sent from the barn to a plant that turns the aforementioned dung directly into renewable natural gas. The process of it, is very simple, actually, as it is flushed out of the barn and gets collected in a resemblant sewage system. Furthermore, the manure gets delivered to the first stop for a delicate dewatering process. The owner from Avolta, Gov Siegel himself, says that the manure, containing way too much water therefore drives them all to get dewatered in order to move on to the next step.

From there, the dewatered product gets sent to a huge tank that usually is as big as two football fields you’d find anywhere in Arizona, which happen to rest at about 16 feet deep while being loaded with liquid manure. Their means of breaking down the manure involves highly impressive cross process by the way of heat and bacteria getting involved in order for the beneficial byproducts to get properly broken down into renewable natural gas. That’s rather impressive in my opinion. Of course, the following step would bring about a need of purifying the gas for much of the carbon dioxide to be therefore converted into usable methane gas. However, taking out a lot of the carbon dioxide is the tricky part. If that can’t be done properly, it won’t be accepted by the standards set by local utilities in order to be considered a pipeline quality specifications.

As a result, Methane Gas that comes immediately from this Arizona farm is usable enough to heat up houses, to cook and to generate speeds unfathomable found in vehicles. The results are useful for the environment and therefore a gracious reason as is indicated by the dairy farmers to keep cows “digesting.”

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