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Beat the Heat with the “Hottest” Scenic Drives in Arizona

You are currently viewing Beat the Heat with the “Hottest” Scenic Drives in Arizona
Monument Valley is just one of the many beauties Arizona has to offer!
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As we leave April behind, we begin our journey towards the hottest months of the year. Incrementally, we feel each day burn hotter and hotter as summer pushes closer to us. Knowing that it is still spring despite the heat, we want to be able to go outside and explore the beautiful world around us. Arizona can sometimes be one of the hardest states to enjoy a spring day in, as it is often one of the hottest places. Nonetheless, we deserve to be able to explore and enjoy all the beauty the state has to offer.

When faced with the conundrum of Arizona heat interrupting spring plans, we offer a solution:

Go for a drive on one of the best scenic drives Arizona has to offer and gaze at the state’s beautiful landscape from the convenience of the modern beauty that is an air-conditioned car.

Here is a comprehensive list of the top seven best scenic drives that we recommend you drive along this spring:

  1. Grand Canyon South Rim Scenic Drive

It is impossible to have a list of the best drives in Arizona and to not first mention the gorgeous 57-mile-long ride along the Grand Canyon. Along the way there are several viewpoints that are musts to get out of the car and view one of the natural wonders of the world, even if briefly.

  1. Apache Trail Scenic Drive

This trek that is just northeast of Phoenix brings views of the desert of Arizona and three reservoirs. You can drive among giant saguaros and stop for a picnic or brief hike around Canyon Lake.

  1. Sedona to Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive

Sedona provides a 27-mile-long scenic drive along the red rocks. Just south of Flagstaff, the environment shifts completely to display gorgeous, color rich rock structures that will leave you in awe. Along the drive, there is a creek that you can take a quick dive in and slide down a natural waterslide as an added bonus to beat the Arizona heat.

  1. Willcox to Chiricahua Scenic Drive

The “Wonderland of Rocks” can be seen along the 42-mile stretch of road. This portion of the state is no stranger to the desert scape, as the entire drive will guarantee that you will be accompanied by the gorgeous Arizona cacti and shrubbery.

  1. Fredonia-Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Road

The cliffs by this road are the true standouts. Driving along, you will reach a point overlooking the Colorado River and Marble Canyon, and eventually reach Navajo Nation land, where you can end your road trip in the incredible bookstore that they have open.

  1. Sky Island Scenic Byway

This drive along a National Forest offers 25 miles of beautiful variety. In some parts saguaros will surround you and in others you will be in a fir-filled summit. This drive is full of stunning overlooks that set the scene for the picnic of dreams.

  1. Kayenta to Monument Valley Scenic Drive

This famous drive that was featured in Forrest Gump, is one of the most highly photographed drives. Driving through the Navajo Nation, you will be among sandstone and rock formations that will blow your mind.

At most of these places, we suggest finding at least a few opportunities to park and walk along the scape. You will be amazed by the wonders of the world that you can see, all within the state of Arizona.

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