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Arizona Likely To Indict Former President Trump

You are currently viewing Arizona Likely To Indict Former President Trump
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Former President and Current Tyrant, Donald J. Trump, has more than enough explaining to do. The man has been charged with his connection for overturned election results from 2020 and it’s about time that people realize his ill-will. Specifically, in Arizona. There’s a video that shows some electors that incorrectly signed documents from a fake account of the electoral college, to state that Donald Trump was in fact the winner of the 2020 election. The former GOP chair, Kelli Ward, Anthony Ken. and Jake Hoffman, that would state Donald Trump to be the winner of the 2020 election.

The Attorney General From Arizona is investigating, while the Governor Katie Hobbs is hoping to notice Arizona’s fake electors to be facing criminal charges. There’s plenty of advocacy for individuals that are looking to flip the will of voters from the 2020 election accountability, all for a part of it. Arizona in itself had been mentioned a couple times while the indictment occurred in the state of Georgia, while Trump and various allies had been contacting lawmakers to get election results turned over in his favor.

Electors of the fake variety in Michigan and Georgia have been facing many felony counts, like creating false statements, corruption charges, and conspiracy instances.

It’s important to keep accountability. There’s a lot of likelihood that there won’t be any need to change directions while there’s accountability from the top level. All in the hopes that it will play forward in the legal process.

The Attorney General is pushing forward with disciplinary action. The past governor, Doug Ducey, mentioned how there will be major implications for the electorate vote. All while there has been respect for law and equal justice.

August 16th, marked the point of when the Attorney General Kris Mayes had been looking into the investigation for fake electors in Arizona. A thorough look-through shows the verifiable charges for forgery, as well as conspiracy to commit forgery, and the election fraud. There’s plenty of support from people that had supported Trump while it makes separate electors, while it’s been sent to Congress as well as the National Archive while it was real.

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