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Transport Any Vehicles with Us, Even Your Vans

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No matter if it is big or small, we will ship your vehicles for you!
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When moving across the country with your family, there are a lot of things to consider. You have to move yourselves, all of your things, including house appliances and furniture, AND your vehicles. If you are a big family with a van as your main source of getting around, then it can be overwhelming and difficult to move across the country. That is, of course, if you do not work with us. Because otherwise, if you do work with us, moving your van and any other vehicle to your new home will be easy and stress free!

At Phoenix Car Transport, we can ship just about anything. We specialize in shipping a variety of vehicles and are able to ship them to wherever you need to send them! We understand that moving can be a difficult time mentally, emotionally, and physically so we do our best to take as much weight off your shoulders to make the moving process a little bit easier.

When it comes to vans, we can ship anything from minivans and cargo vans to passenger vans.

Minivans we commonly move for families on their family moves. Our services will help make the process run exponentially smoother for you! Cargo vans we can also ship for any commercial trucking business out there. Rather than the van being the one doing the moving, let us take over and move the van instead! Passenger vans are ones used as shuttles. They can be leased or owned by different businesses depending on a company’s needs. Let us shuttle your van and give it a break on the road for once!

With your van shipping, you have options. You can ship your van via our open or enclosed auto transportation services, and you have the option of expedited or door-to-door delivery. Open auto transportation would allow you to ship multiple vehicles at once for a lower price. Enclosed auto transportation would give your van a VIP experience, putting it within an enclosed truck, and protecting it from outdoor, natural environments. No matter what service you ultimately choose, your van will be in the right hands, keeping it sane and protected no matter what!

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