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New Chevrolet Bolt EV Heading For The Dealerships In 2025

You are currently viewing New Chevrolet Bolt EV Heading For The Dealerships In 2025
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Chevrolet is destined to return with a beloved darling of a car in the form of the Chevy Bolt EV. It’s an affordable electric model that no one would ever deny as the most impressive vehicle. Regardless if it comes back as a hatchback or even a Sports Utility Vehicle all as it arrives in 2025. There’s plenty to anticipate from the redesigned Electric Vehicle, all based upon Chevrolet’s advanced Ultium battery and chassis technology.

All the sales of the Chevy Bolt has been doubling up in recent years, all as the sales of other premium models have been going up and about. All while the Ultium EV platform shows off in the GMC Hummer EV and Hummer SUV as well as the Cadillac Lyriq.

When noticing the bolt hatch, it comes through with the 2023 that doubles up from the quantity of deliveries in 2021 as it rises up to 49,492 units within the year thus far, not necessarily to include October, November and December monthly sales as of yet.

In a comparison, Cadillac had shifted from 3,000 Lyric EV models through Q3 of 2023, while Chevy had just begun to Blazer EV deliveries in Q3 with only 19 units, all while the Bolt Hatch begins at $27,495 while the Chevy Blazer EV would start at $57,710 and even the Lyriq EV was beginning at $59,985

At the current moment, the CEO has stopped production of the current-gen of the Bolt hatch while the BOLT EUV SUV will stop at the end of the year for the benefit of the Orion Assembly plant in Michigan could potentially retool itself to generate the sizable Chevrolet Silverado EV and the GMC Sierra EV full-size pickup trucks, while General motors themselves has decided to stop generating pickups until later on in 2025.

The new Bolt had been updated with General Motors’ Ultium battery technology. General motors had been selling the Bolt in 2016. For so long in fact, that there’s the best technology and affordable rates. General Motors has their best electric car as it is. Even Tesla couldn’t compare. The Model 3 in particular is ridiculously expensive.

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