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Truck Shipping

If you need to ship a truck, be sure to wisely choose an Auto Shipping company in Phoenix. Always check carriers’ and brokers’ ratings before contacting them. Then don’t forget to make sure they provide insurance. Every company that provides Auto Shipping services must provide it by law. And you also need to ask a company you’re contacting if they ship the kind of truck you have. If you make the right choice and ship with a reliable Car Transport Company, the whole process will be easy for you!

Truck Shipping

Truck Shipping is one of available Phoenix Car Transport services. Phoenix Car Transport is a perfect option for you when Shipping a Truck. Contact us to get more detailed information about our services and rates. Our representatives will get you the best rates of Auto Shipping services in the United States.

Types of Trucks that Phoenix Car Transport Ships:

  • Box trucks
  • Pick-up trucks
  • Semi-trucks
  • Service and Utility Trucks
  • Pump trucks
  • Ice trucks
  • Bucket Trucks
  • Tank Trucks
  • … And all other types!

It doesn’t matter what type of truck you want to ship with us. We are experts in any kind of vehicle shipping services. Years of experience don’t lie!

Here are Some Cost Factors in Vehicle Shipping:

The Type of Transport – The type of shipment impacts on the cost of the transport. There are many types of car transport: open car transport, enclosed car shipping, expedited and door-to-door. So, the cost of your transport depends on the car shipping type you will choose to transport your vehicle.

Weight and Size – Weight and size are one of the main factors in defining the cost of transport, mostly because they can differ so much from one vehicle to another. There’s a big difference between shipping a pickup, an F-150, and a cement mixer truck because of the variance in sizes and weight.

Pickup and Delivery – The cost of car shipping also depends on the delivery destination as well.  Some routes that are more regularly traveled tend to be less expensive than others (for instance Florida to New York is a standard delivery route that offers more choices and cheaper pricing than others.) This is especially true for the cross country as well as long-distance truck shipping.

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